Who is Korel?

For over a decade Korel Tunador has been touring the world, singing, playing keys, guitar and saxophone with notable acts including The Goo Goo Dolls (Steadily since 2006), Katy Perry on her first major world tour, and Jada Pinkett Smith among others. Korel has performed on most all of the major late night and morning television shows in the U.S. as well as the U.K., Japan and many more.

In addition to being a multi-instrumentalist, Korel is a singer and songwriter, has a background that includes Suzuki Classical Piano, a degree in Jazz Performance from Berklee School of Music and countless oddball creative ventures from Improv Big Bands and Burning Man inspired jam bands to performances with artists as diverse as Rob Thomas and Papa Roach.

Korel offers voice lessons for anyone from beginners to professional singers. In addition to honing his chops by singing live for many years, Korel has been mentoring closely with legendary vocal coach Dave Stroud studying voice science and the art of student based teaching which treats each student uniquely based on their goals, personality and vocal needs. This includes assessment and preparing appropriate voice workouts for each student while addressing overall musicality and not in the least, imbuing the act of singing with a feeling of fun. Korel has also attended multiple VIP (Vocology In Practice) Voice Forum intensive workshops and completed a BAST (Become A Singing Teacher) class.