Who is Kenneth?

Kenneth Trotter began singing at the age of 3. While this was mostly in church for the first decade, he was also in a series of pop and R&B bands and musical combos. Kenneth is not only a vocalist. He also plays percussion, drums and keyboards. Though he has performed his 10,000 hours, so as to become a proficient musician and singer, his love is in helping others.

As he got older, Kenneth began to direct church choirs and perform in mainstream bands all while earning a degree in music from Cal State Northridge.

Specializing in gospel, pop, and R&B, Kenneth focuses on the needs of his students first. He has studied with some of the greats in vocal training and brings an array of knowledge and encouragement that helps students to take what is right for them and develop their own style. Each student is unique and will learn in their own way and Kenneth is sensitive to this process, ultimately helping them to become special and individual as an artist and singer.

As a protégé of Dave Stroud, Kenneth has contributed to many of the Vocalize U programs. Bringing his spirit of positivity to his classes and lifting up those who attend the classes he teaches. In fact, he has become one of the important anchors to all of the VU events. His exposure to all of the different students who attend has given him the ability to ascertain how a singer learns and has given him the ability to teach as he recognizes their learning process, therefore helping them to grow most efficiently and at their quickest possible pace. He has worked with students from all over the world - South American, Russian, Australian, Asian, Canadian, and even Americans… :) Cultures and learning styles vary and he has learned to adapt quickly.

Some of the singers Kenneth has worked with have gone on to compete on American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent. Kenneth knows what is needed for singers to not only become the best they can be, but also what is needed to be successful in both the mainstream and inspirational music business.

As Dave Stroud once said about Kenneth, “Some of the most effective time you’ll spend as a singer is the time you get with Kenny.”