Who is Cody?

Cody Randall first picked up a guitar at age 9 and hasn’t put it down since. Through his early years, Cody began his start in multiple music groups and performing in the Academy Of The Performing Arts at Huntington Beach High School not only on guitar, but on bass, vocals, and percussion as well as formally studying music theory in excelled classes to train his ear and writing skills. This is when he began sharing his knowledge of guitar and music through teaching aspiring musicians.

He continued his educations with a bachelors degree from Sir Paul McCartney’s School Of Music (LIPA) In Liverpool, England. During his time abroad, he greatly furthered his knowledge of guitar and all aspects of music and the music industry. While at LIPA, Cody also had the pleasure of songwriting with Sir Paul McCartney himself amongst other musicians who have gone on to sign major recording deals with Universal Records.

With a heavy focus on pop, singer songwriter, folk, and R&B, Cody has an array of experience in styles that he applies to his lessons by having the students choose what they want to learn while applying good techniques and form to help make them the best musical version of themselves possible. From starting with theory and scales to performing songs on day one, Cody teaches to the needs and desires of his students. He is keen on making lessons an enjoyable experience for all ages ! From 8 years experience teaching 7 year olds to 64 year olds, Cody can guarantee results in a weeks time regardless of age through following his practice regiments.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Cody works along side Dave Stroud and the Vocology team to teach music to aspiring musicians and professionals alike.